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Kingdom Hearts

enjoys listening to vocaloid music, drawing, singing, and composing


I love getting ‘asks’ >////<) feels like I’m part of tumblr community for some reason haha 

Anonymous: Hello beautiful person! After you recover this, you must share 5 random facts about yourself! and then copy and send to your ten fave followers (´ ▽`).♥ 

1) I spam a lot on Twitter my twitter account is @torachi0615 and @tora615 . I usually spam a lot in Korean on the first account but I am online for almost 24/7. Second one is ENG/JPN only account but I don’t really log on to that account :( 

2) I love Tumblr. I usually just come in and look at other people’s posts or scroll down my dash boards.

3) I favorite NL couple is Sakura and Syaoran from CardCaptor Sakura.

4) My favorite BL couple is Kaworu and Shinji from Evangelion series.

5) My favorite GL couple is Nico and Maki from Love Live! 

Anonymous: Okay so here's a thing. Once you get this, you must share 5 facts about yourself and then pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers. 

1) My favorite anime is Evangelion and CardCaptor Sakura.

2) My favorite anime in this season would be Gekkan Shoujo Nozakikun.

3) I love drawing girls more than drawing boys.

4) I use Mac so sometimes I get sad that I cannot use SAI to draw /sobs

5) Last semester, all I ate was pizza.